Visitors1507773626 Published in:2017-10-12 10:00

Love or romance

32 replies

Norah Published in:2017-09-08 00:16

Ice coffee or hot coffee?

10 replies

Viewfruit.. Published in:2017-08-28 17:04

Do you watch Games of Thrones

11 replies

Visitors1501664879 Published in:2017-08-02 17:07

Who cheats most, woman or man?

13 replies

metz28 Published in:2017-06-22 18:05


8 replies

Published in:2017-05-23 15:31

Which do you like to drink at breakfast?

15 replies

Visitors1494473712 Published in:2017-05-11 11:35

How frequently you go to cinema?

10 replies

Visitors1488858568 Published in:2017-03-07 11:49

Running or jogging?

6 replies

Viewfruit.. Published in:2017-02-03 15:33

Do you eat raw fish?-

5 replies

Visitors1479261982 Published in:2016-11-16 10:06

Trump won the election.

4 replies

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